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OpenBook WordPress Plugin: Open Source Access to Bibliographic Data

Issue 4 | 2008-09-22

John Miedema

OpenBook is a WordPress PHP plugin that implements the Open Library APIs to insert book covers, titles, authors and publishers into web pages. The motive behind the development was to provide an easy alterative to the common practice of linking to Amazon. Open Library was selected as a data source because it is both open source and open data.The plugin is useful for book reviewers, library webmasters, anyone who wants to put book covers and data on their WordPress blog or website. The plugin also allows users to add links to publisher websites, a feature that was considered significant to independent publishers.

Using Book Data Providers to Improve Services to Patrons

Issue 6 | 2009-03-30

Mike Beccaria

At Paul Smith’s College, I recently implemented a “New Books” display using open APIs and an image scroller. In this article I’ll give a brief overview of Google Book Search, OpenLibrary and Worldcat, explain how I created this New Books Widget using book cover data, and provide readers with some practical and simple code to show how to collect this data. This article will be of interest to anyone who wants to read about a brief overview of current state of free book data service providers. Additionally, beginner programmers will likely find the examples at the end of the article helpful when getting started with projects of their own.

Editorial Introduction — Issue 4

Issue 4 | 2008-09-22

Ken Varnum

Welcome to Issue 4 of the Code4Lib Journal! We are pleased to present articles covering an impressive breadth of topics. The strength of the Code4Lib Journal lies in its readers. You are not only the audience but also the authors for the articles published here. We hope the items you see in this, and future, issues inspire you to innovate and to share your discoveries with the rest of us.

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