Guest Editor Policy

  1. An Editorial Committee (EC) member claims an article as a primary editor and decides that outside expertise is required for a proper review. The EC member reaches out as soon as possible to a potential guest editor so they can participate in the full review process. Ideally, a request is made to a potential guest editor before the acceptance is sent to the author.
  2. If the EC member finds the paper covers topic(s) that necessitates expertise outside of the EC, they notify the author of the finding and the guest editor process. The author is also informed that if the guest editor process pushes past the issue deadline, the article will automatically have a preliminary acceptance for the next issue.
  3. When requesting a guest editor’s assistance, we emphasize the committee’s volunteer status and that we are requesting their time and energy in the same way that the EC members donate their time and energy. We lay out the expectation that this is not a single read-through but rather a dialogue between them and the author in response to their feedback.
  4. After a guest editor accepts, they become a more active second reader for review and editing. The EC member serves as the primary editor, handling the initial author contact, facilitating communication between the author and guest editor, tracking deadlines, and following EC norms.
  5. If the guest editor vetoes the article after working with the author, that decision is final in the same way as if an EC member vetoes an article when they are the primary editor. We make it clear to guest editors that the EC will not overrule their recommendation when they do a full review where they are in dialogue with the author.
  6. Guest editors will be acknowledged in the editorial of the corresponding issue. Guest editors’ participation will also be described in an “Journal Editor’s Note” immediately below the “About the Author” section. A Guest editor will not be listed as an article author without the explicit consent of all article authors.

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