Editorial Committee

Contact the Code4Lib Journal editorial committee at journal@code4lib.org. The Editorial Committee consists of the following:

The Editorial Committee collectively manages the entire business of the Code4Lib Journal, editorial as well as business functions.

Interest in working on the Code4Lib Journal is always welcome, and can be directed to our public discussion list at c4lj-discuss@googlegroups.com. To join this discussion list, see http://groups.google.com/group/c4lj-discuss. Be aware that this is a publicly viewable list. Mail to the editors can be sent to c4ljournal@gmail.com.

Coordinating Editor

We have a rotating Coordinating Editor. The current (issue 57) Coordinating Editor is Péter Király.

Technical Administrator

Jon Fackrell (jon.fackrell via the google email service) is our Technical Administrator, responsible for administrating and coordinating our technological infrastructure.

Editorial Committee Emeriti

  • Shawn Averkamp (Issues 17-29)
  • Carol Bean (Issues 1-42)
  • Jonathan Brinley (Issues 1-14)
  • Andrew Darby (Issues 3-56)
  • Heidi Dowding (Issues 24-29)
  • Gabriel Farrell (Issues 9-19)
  • Eric Hanson (Issues _-55)
  • Rebecca Hirsch (Issues 37-49)
  • Tom Keays (Issues 1-29)
  • Tim Lepczyk (Issues 10-17)
  • Emily Lynema (Issues 1-16)
  • Tim McGeary (Issues 10-16)
  • Kelley McGrath (Issues 8-28)
  • Eric Lease Morgan (Issues 1-2)
  • Carolyn Moritz, Vassar College Libraries (Issues 44-46)
  • Tod Olson, University of Chicago Library (Issues 10-17)
  • Jonathan Rochkind, Johns Hopkins Libraries (Issues 1-27)
  • Jodi Schneider (Issues 1-8)
  • Christine Schwartz (Issues 3-7)
  • Dan Scott, Laurentian University (Issues 23-29)
  • MJ Suhonos (Issues 10-14)
  • Ed Summers, Library of Congress (Issues 16-17)
  • Jason Thomale, University of North Texas Libraries (Issues 23-32)
  • Junior Tidal (Issues _-55)
  • Ruth Tillman, Penn State University (Issues 29-41, website maintainer 30-51)
  • Ken Varnum (Issues 1-9)
  • Ryan Wick (Issues 3-14)

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