Issue 48, 2020-05-11


An abundance of information sharing.

As a relatively new member of the Code4Lib Journal editorial committee, I had the privilege of coordinating issue 48. It’s been a great learning experience and also solidifies for me the idea of Code4Lib as a community focused on sharing information and experiences about library technology. We had 30 submissions for this issue of the journal, a number far beyond the capacity of any one issue. And since the number of editorial committee members, all of whom volunteer their time on top of their regular jobs, is also limited, a number of submissions that would have otherwise been accepted were not able to be included. It’s unfortunate since the mission of the journal is about sharing information, however, the number of authors willing to share their work, their experience, and their code is inspiring. I hope these authors will resubmit for upcoming issues of the journal and continue their efforts to share their knowledge with the library technology community.

Issue 48 includes articles about the use of existing technology to build, enhance, and manage digital libraries (“Leveraging GoogleDrive for Digital Library Object Storage“, “Building a Library Search Infrastructure with Elasticsearch“) and website applications (“How to Use an API Management Platform to Easily Build Local Webapps“, “Git and GitLab in Library Website Change Management Workflows“), as well as the development of new tools for automation and resource management (“Tweeting Tennessee’s Collections: A Case Study of a Digital Collections Twitterbot Implementation“, “Experimenting with a Machine Generated Annotations Pipeline“, “Operationalizing the ACRL/RBMS Latin Place Names File with Python“, “Building Strong User Experiences in LibGuides with Bootstrapr and Reviewr“). Also included are articles on data-informed decision making (“IIIF by the Numbers“) and the verification of VPAT accessibility claims (“Trust, but verify: Auditing Vendor-Supplied Accessibility Claims“).

I hope readers will find something interesting, inspiring, or helpful in this issue and will consider submitting a proposal about their own experiences with library technology to continue to add to the collection of freely shared information available to and by the Code4Lib community.

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